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Trusted Driver notification on phone mounted in car

February 16, 2023

The future of traffic enforcement? Officers text you the ticket

The future of traffic stops may be on your phone. The San Antonio company Trusted Driver has piloted a program with police departments in Texas and Nebraska that allows officers to text drivers for minor traffic violations – and even issue citations. Val Garcia, a former police officer who is president and CEO of Trusted […]

Texas Capitol in Austin

January 20, 2023

New policing tool could eliminate the need for some traffic stops

New technology created by current and former police officers from Texas may change traffic stops for minor violations. It’s called Trusted Driver, a contact-free way for officers to give a warning or citation without pulling over the driver. “I have three young driving sons and I’ve seen what happens around the country when there are […]

Justice With Honor podcast thumbnail

August 5, 2022

An interview with Trusted Driver’s Todd Berdan

Justice with Honor co-hosts Lucy Ann Lance and Dan Chlebos speak with Trusted Driver’s Todd Berdan (retired Michigan State Police) about how the platform works, the benefits of the program, and how Trusted Driver can help improve community policing efforts for law enforcement agencies across the country.

Alliance Police Department launches new policing tool to connect with community

July 16, 2022

Alliance Police Department launches new policing tool to connect with community

When Philip Lukens was hired as police chief of Alliance less than two years ago, he brought an unconventional law enforcement approach to his new western Nebraska home of about 8,000. Now Lukens is taking his reward-trumps-penalty strategy a step further with a new tool created by a team including some retired Texas police officers […]

Beyond the Badge Radio thumbnail capture

July 11, 2022

An interview with Trusted Driver President & CEO Val Garcia

Beyond the Badge Radio hosts Dan Chlebos and Frank Rubino interview Trusted Driver CEO Val Garcia about how Trusted Driver is revolutionizing traffic stop enforcement and increasing safety for both officers and drivers on the road.

Police car with TrustedDriver logo

June 30, 2022

Alliance Police Department partners with Trusted Driver to reward good drivers

ALLIANCE, Nebraska – The Alliance Police Department is teaming up with Trusted Driver to deliver rewards and positive feedback to good drivers via Trusted Driver’s innovative web-based platform. The program is free for drivers living in the 69301 zip code and kicks off during Heritage Days in July.

Wallace B. Jefferson

June 30, 2022

Former Chief Justice of Texas Supreme Court announces support for Trusted Driver

Former Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court, Wallace B. Jefferson, is throwing his support behind Trusted Driver, the innovative tech platform that enables contact-free interactions between officers and registered drivers for minor traffic violations.

KHOU interview with Val Garcia

May 16, 2022

Transforming traditional traffic stops | New program would send citations via text message

Pulling a driver over used to be the only option, but a new program being piloted outside of San Antonio hopes to transform the traditional traffic stop. It’s called Trusted Driver. “We’re just giving another option to motorists and another tool to officers to help keep themselves safe and help keep the public safe,” Trusted […]

Police officer grabbing driver's license from driver

January 26, 2022

Former San Antonio police officer wants to ‘save lives’ with ticket-texting program

For many police officers, traffic stops are a routine part of the job. But these encounters can sometimes be unnerving for everyone involved; some have even turned deadly. One former San Antonio police officer is hoping to change that with a ticket-by-text program that would eliminate the need for officers to pull over drivers for […]

Photo of police cruiser pulling over a driver

January 14, 2022

Windcrest Police Department focusing on officer safety with new Trusted Driver program

The Windcrest Police Department says its newest tool, Trusted Driver, will increase officers’ safety as they carry out one of their most dangerous duties: traffic enforcement. Instead of a traditional traffic stop, officers will use the innovative technology developed by retired San Antonio police officers, to issue citations for low-level traffic offenses.

TrustedDriver CEO on media appearance

January 13, 2022

Trusted Driver in Action in Windcrest, TX

Registered drivers in Windcrest can avoid being pulled over by police for minor traffic infractions. Trusted Driver gives you back your time, and saves you and officers from a potentially dangerous situation. KENS 5 Eye Witness News spotlights Trusted Driver.

News program screenshot

January 10, 2022

Trusted Driver Program Saves You and Police Time

Law enforcement agencies and communities all across the nation are trying to find a fix after too many stops have led to deadly incidents and mounting distrust. Now a local company created by retired police officers has developed, tested, and launched a program that they believe will take the emotions out of everyday stops before […]

Police woman

January 10, 2022

Join our Trusted Driver Launch!

Receive traffic tickets and feedback without fear, embarrassment or delay by becoming a Trusted Driver. Retired officers are stepping outside the establishment to solve the problems drivers and officers face during traffic stops. Come learn how you can join those efforts.