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Trusted Driver Blog: QR Code Technology

Trusted Driver, a leading provider of traffic enforcement solutions, has introduced a groundbreaking innovation in the form of QR code citation cards. This innovative technology not only saves time and money, but it also reduces the amount of paper waste. The QR code citation card eliminates the need for portable printers, making it a cost-saving option for traffic enforcement.

The process begins when an officer creates the citation through the Trusted Driver platform. The officer then hands the QR code citation card to the driver, along with the citation number. 

Police cruiser behind a stopped car

Once a traffic stop is completed, a driver can access the citation details online by simply scanning the QR code on the citation card. The website then prompts the driver to enter the citation number, their name, date of birth, and a cell phone number.

The landing page provides the driver with access to incident and location details, an electronic traffic ticket that can be exported as a PDF, as well as court information to manage the citation.

Additionally, the electronic traffic ticket is accessible to the driver in their preferred language, depending on the primary language setting on their smart device. This particular feature is the first of its kind in the country.

Trusted Driver’s QR code technology provides a cost-efficient and user-friendly solution for traffic enforcement. It enables real-time access to citation details, reduces paper waste, and enhances communication between the driver and court staff. As technology continues to evolve, Trusted Driver remains at the forefront of innovation, providing cutting-edge solutions that improve traffic enforcement and promote sustainability.

Contact Trusted Driver for a demo and see for yourself how it can revolutionize your department’s traffic enforcement efforts.