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5 Reasons to Consider Trusted Driver E-Citation

Trusted Driver’s E-citation platform is a game-changer for law enforcement agencies seeking to modernize their traffic enforcement efforts while improving officer safety and efficiency. With its innovative features, easy accessibility, and flexible options, Trusted Driver offers a valuable solution to the challenges faced by law enforcement agencies today. Here are five ways Trusted Driver can benefit your law enforcement department and improve your traffic enforcement program.

1) Safety Enhancements
Trusted Driver E-Citation uses smart technology that reduces the amount of time it takes an officer to issue a citation (traffic ticket). The use of voice technology, e-form auto-population and GPS mapping means an officer spends less time on the side of the road, where they are in danger of being struck by vehicles. This is safer for officers and motorists.  Also, Trusted Driver eliminates the need for handheld devices, improving overall situational awareness for officers.

2) Increases Efficiency
With an easy search function, voice-to-text technology, lightning-fast data returns, and auto-populating electronic forms, Trusted Driver is revolutionizing E-citation. Instead of filling out a paper ticket during a traffic stop, or dealing with ticket writers and printers, a law enforcement officer scans the barcode on a driver’s license and uses the transmitted information to populate a citation form on an in-car computer or an agency-issued smartphone or tablet. Officers can spend less time on paperwork and more time out on patrol.

3) Reduces Errors
Potential errors in handwritten paper traffic tickets include illegible writing, incomplete information, misplacing tickets, and vehicle code violations not being written down correctly. With Trusted Driver E-citation the information is entered once and populated electronically across the system, all the way to the court. No more lost tickets!

4) Captures Verified Data
Trusted Driver captures race and ethnicity data by easily compiling data from each traffic stop into a report that meets certain state-mandated reporting requirements.  Command-level administrators can maximize your department’s ability to identify traffic enforcement trends, turn them into actionable insights and harness the power of a robust analytics tool that provides downstream investigative benefits.

5) Saves Money
No more extra costs for handheld devices or printers. Trusted Driver E-Citation can save thousands of dollars on equipment and hundreds of hours of patrol time, potentially reducing overtime expenditures.  With Trusted Driver’s advanced QR Code Technology, a simple and easy-to-use QR code citation system is designed to perform without external hardware. 

BONUS: Digital Ticket Translation
A unique feature is Trusted Driver’s digital ticket, which a driver accesses by scanning the QR code on the ticket they receive during a traffic stop. The details of the citation are displayed on the smartphone – or any smart device – in the driver’s preferred language. For example, if the driver has set their smartphone to Spanish, the citation and court information appear in Spanish.   This makes it more accessible and understandable, reducing driver confusion.

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