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Court Hub

A Smarter Way to Handle Traffic Tickets

Trusted Driver offers a simple-to-use online court hub for drivers and court staff to communicate and settle traffic tickets.



One-Stop Online Court Hub!

Handle your traffic ticket hassle-free. No need to take time off work or school and stand in long lines at the courthouse. Features of Trusted Driver’s Court Hub includes:

  • Convenient Communication: Connect with court staff, upload documents, and schedule virtual appointments—all on your terms.
  • Digital Ticket Translation: Get citation details in your preferred language, as set by your smart device.
  • Easy Ticket Options: Skip the courthouse lines! Contest a traffic ticket online, refer to your attorney, submit a plea or pay a fine — all options that can be handled through Trusted Driver’s Court Hub.
  • Immediate Payment Options: Pay fines instantly, no waiting around.

Convenience & Efficiency with Trusted Driver Court Hub

Businessman holding smartphone reading email

Convenient Communication

Need to provide documentation to settle a case? Simply upload the document to the court and message staff with any updates. Experience quicker responses to inquiries, document submissions, and updates on case statuses. No more missed calls.

Online Calendar Integration

With Trusted Driver, you can set up and manage virtual appointment calendars effortlessly. This empowers you to schedule appointments with the public at your convenience, reducing the need for in-person visits and accommodating busy schedules.

Immediate Payment Options

No more having to wait days for the ticket to be transferred to the court. Trusted Driver’s Court Hub integrates with most payment platforms.

How Trusted Driver Court Hub Works

Image of citation details on a smartphone device

E-Citation Details

Access incident details and court info with a simple QR code scan.

Image of language translation graphic on a smartphone device

Translate Traffic Tickets

View citation details in preferred language according to smartphone settings.

Image of message application on a smartphone device

Convenient Communication

Connect with court staff, upload documents, and schedule virtual appointments—all on your terms.

Graphic of court gavel over paper

Contest A Ticket

Skip the courthouse lines; contest your ticket online or involve your attorney.

Graphic of credit card over a smart device

Immediate Payment Options

Pay fines instantly, no waiting around – and no need to take time off from work of school to stand in line at the courthouse!