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Law Enforcement

Revolutionize E-Citation with Trusted Driver

Police officer with laptop inside cruiser looking at TrustedDriver app

Innovative Software, Easy Accessibility

With an all-in-one federated search, voice-to-text technology, lightning fast data returns, and self-populating E-forms, Trusted Driver is revolutionizing E-citation.

TrustedDriver officer driver interaction.

Advanced QR Code Technology

A simple and easy-to-use QR code citation system designed to perform without external hardware. No more troubleshooting handheld devices or printers!

TrustedDriver data and analytics

Dynamic Data = Actionable Results

Maximize your department’s ability to identify traffic enforcement trends, turn them into actionable results and harness the power of a robust analytics tool that provides downstream investigative benefits.

TrustedDriver racial profiling data collection

Race and Ethnicity Data Collection

Easily compile data from each traffic stop into a report that meets certain state-mandated reporting requirements.

Safety alert icon

Public Safety Alerts

Send urgent safety alerts to specific geographical locations within your community.

E-Voucher icon


Deliver e-vouchers to help drivers repair vehicle equipment. Reward motorists for good driving habits.

Driver data icon

Self-Reported Driver Data

Allow drivers to voluntarily self-report certain medical, physical and mental health conditions.


Amanda Tuite

“Ensuring accessibility for those who need communication access helps organizations protect the civil liberties of people with disabilities, especially those who are deaf and hard of hearing. Trusted Drivers are part of the solution.”

Amanda Tuite, Co-Founder/Partner, Access Vine

Wallace B. Jefferson

“With Trusted Driver, my sons can enroll and give the officer information about who they are and maybe eliminate the need for a traffic stop altogether. And I think that is a huge advancement in the relationship between law enforcement and the communities they serve.”

Wallace B. Jefferson, Former Chief Justice, Texas Supreme Court

More Valuable Benefits with Trusted Driver

Police badge icon

Improved Situational Awareness

Prioritize officer safety with an E-citation platform specifically designed to perform without handheld devices or printers.

Better value icon

Increased Productivity, Better Value

Harness the power of an innovative web-based platform, and a robust analytics tool with downstream investigative benefits, without the added costs for external hardware or software upgrades.

Building blocks icon

Building Blocks for Communities

With the flexibility of Trusted Driver’s optional services, law enforcement organizations can focus on building stronger relationships with the communities they serve.