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Trusted Driver for Motorists

Benefits for Drivers

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When Law Enforcement Chooses Trusted Driver...

When a law enforcement organization chooses Trusted Driver, the agency may also choose to add any one of Trusted Driver’s optional services which benefit drivers and the community at large. Scroll on to learn more.

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Flexible Options for Drivers

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Accurate and Timely Emergency Notifications

Sign up to receive localized public safety alerts and updates from first responders and emergency operations officials.

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Voluntarily Self-Report Disabilities to Law Enforcement

As an option, drivers may voluntarily self-report certain medical, physical or mental health conditions to their local law enforcement agency. Officers will only see the information during a traffic stop.

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Pay and Manage Citations Online

Enable same-day payment of fines, challenge citations in a virtual courtroom, or dismiss a ticket through common methods like an online defensive driving course, where available.

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Vouchers for Repairs

Busted tail light or a malfunctioning turn signal? Trusted Driver—in partnership with the law enforcement agency in your area—may offer vouchers to help with minor car repairs. Vouchers may vary.

The Trusted Driver Process

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Opt in and complete all required information

Provide required information, such as name, address, vehicle and insurance information, email and any additional voluntary disclosures.

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Manage your member profile

Through the platform, drivers can access and update their own incident profile information, including adding additional registered drivers for the vehicle.

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Interact with officers without a traffic stop

If an officer spots you committing a minor traffic violation or wants to share feedback, they will reach out through standard SMS texts.

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Receive text notifications and decide next steps

Drivers can read their messages or citations safely at their convenience, including whether to pay or contest tickets through the platform.

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Schedule virtual courtroom sessions and meet with city leaders

Members can connect with the courts to discuss and resolve any issues or meet with community board members.

A Safer Traffic Stop Experience

Prioritize traffic stop safety with Trusted Driver’s E-citation platform. Plus, with the flexibility of Trusted Driver’s optional services, municipal and emergency operations officials can focus on building stronger relationships with communities.

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When law enforcement agencies choose Trusted Driver, both officers and drivers spend less time alongside busy roads during a traffic stop.

Take advantage of Trusted Driver's flexible options and sign up for timely emergency notifications.

Improve communication with local law enforcement by voluntarily self-reporting certain conditions before a traffic stop happens.

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Law Enforcement

Prioritize traffic stop safety with Trusted Driver and spend less time alongside busy roads during a traffic stop.

Improve communication efforts during large-scale emergencies with Trusted Driver.

Maximize your department’s ability to identify traffic enforcement trends and turn them into actionable results.

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Lower costs by switching to Trusted Driver, which eliminates external hardware like handheld devices and printers.

Improve communication between motorists and courts by making citations and warnings available in multiple languages.

Focus on building stronger relationships with the community using Trusted Driver's optional services.


Is there a cost or fee to join the Trusted Driver Program?

No. It’s absolutely free to join the Trusted Driver Program and it’s a voluntary opt-in. There’s no yearly fee or subscription required.

Will Trusted Driver sell my personal information?

No. Trusted Driver will never sell, share or provide the information you provide when you create your profile with any vendor or company. To ensure your privacy is protected, your data is encrypted, stored and transmitted securely using technology that protects the information from unauthorized retrieval or use. To see Trusted Driver’s privacy policy, click here.

Are the police tracking me if I join and become a Trusted Driver member?

No. Law enforcement will not be able to track your location. Your Trusted Driver profile is only accessed by you and those you authorize. Protecting members’ profiles is of paramount importance to Trusted Driver, complete with audits, checks and balances and the ability to archive and discover anyone who accesses the system.

By signing up, am I making it easier to get a ticket for minor traffic offenses?

No. The goal of the Trusted Driver Program is to enable frictionless interactions between the public and law enforcement, not generate revenue. Being a member means you are actively improving transport safety through a safer, digital dialogue. Additionally, electronic citations are only issued by officers who witness a minor violation. Trusted Driver is not connected to any digital traffic surveillance systems that could increase the likelihood of being fined.

My driver's license will not scan. How do I register?

Trusted Driver requires a valid driver’s license that has a scannable barcode on the back. If your license does not scan, you will not be able to register for Trusted Driver.

*Note: If your license has two barcodes on the back, scan the larger PDF barcode, which looks like a “scrambled” barcode.


If I get a citation as a Trusted Driver member, will there be additional fees on top of any fines?

A Trusted Driver member receiving a citation through the program will not cost you any additional fees. The cost of the citation remains the same as if you had received the citation through traditional law enforcement. Receiving a citation through the Trusted Driver Program provides you the benefit of not being pulled over.

If I have outstanding warrants, can I still join the Trusted Driver Program?

Yes. If outstanding warrants are discovered as you are creating your profile in the Trusted Driver Program, we can assist in multiple ways to settle those outstanding fees and get you back on the road as a licensed vehicle operator.

Will I get a citation for following the Trusted Driver Program protocols while I am driving a vehicle?

No. The Trusted Driver Program adheres to all traffic laws, including “distracted driver” legislation. The Trusted Driver Program rules were established with the public’s safety as its priority and meets the requirements set forth by the Transportation Code of all states and city ordinances.

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