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Trusted Driver Blog: Empowering Rural Law Enforcement in Texas


Image of Texas State Capitol in Austin, Texas In the ever-evolving landscape of law enforcement, the challenges faced by rural agencies are distinct, often requiring local leaders to think out-of-the-box to ensure efficient operations. With the recent signing of Senate Bill 22 in Texas (known as the Rural Sheriff’s Office Salary Assistance Grant Program), which allocates funding for salaries and equipment needs in qualified sheriff’s offices and constable’s offices, the opportunity for innovation has never been more apparent. Trusted Driver’s revolutionary E-Citation platform stands at the forefront of addressing these equipment needs, ushering in a new era of efficiency, safety, and data-driven enforcement.

Trusted Driver’s E-Citation platform is a comprehensive, web-based solution that redefines how traffic enforcement is conducted. Recognizing the critical importance of officer safety, Trusted Driver eliminates the need for external hardware, ensuring officers can maintain heightened awareness during traffic stops. With distractions minimized, officers can focus entirely on the task at hand, enhancing both their safety and the safety of the public.

Time-saving capabilities are another hallmark of Trusted Driver’s e-ticketing platform. Leveraging cutting-edge voice-to-text technology and real-time data returns, officers can complete a typical traffic stop in just a few minutes. Thanks to the streamlined process facilitated by the new platform, traffic stops can be wrapped up more efficiently. This means that officers and drivers can get off the side of the road faster, making our roads safer for everyone.

“Image Beyond its operational efficiencies, Trusted Driver’s platform offers dynamic data and analytics tools that empower agencies to identify trends in traffic enforcement and transform them into actionable insights. A user-friendly map interface provides geo-spatial electronic citation data according to zip code, police district, city council or precinct district, or by a custom radius determined by the user. With this feature, a user can isolate and view information in a specific location, such as a neighborhood or the area around a school or college campus, providing valuable insights that an agency may use to create a well-informed safety plan.

Trusted Driver’s E-Citation platform is groundbreaking. By addressing equipment needs while simultaneously enhancing officer safety, efficiency, and community engagement, Trusted Driver empowers rural law enforcement agencies to bridge the gap between traditional traffic enforcement methods and cutting-edge technology.

As the provisions of Senate Bill 22 come into play, agencies can turn to Trusted Driver for a demonstration of their game-changing platform. In an era of innovation, Trusted Driver is the partner that will revolutionize traffic enforcement efforts and propel law enforcement agencies into a more secure and efficient future.

Want to know more about the Rural Sheriff’s Office Salary Assistance Grant Program and how to obtain Trusted Driver E-Citation? Click here to contact us or to schedule a demo.

About Trusted Driver's Product & Services


Trusted Driver’s E-Citation system features a web-based, all-in-one search with voice-to-text technology and self-populating E-forms. A traffic stop that used to take 20 minutes now takes less than five to complete. And since we’ve eliminated external hardware, officers won’t be distracted by handheld devices and portable printers.

Data & Analytics Dashboard

Turn real-time data captured from each traffic stop into actionable insights with Trusted Driver’s Data & Analytics Dashboard. View interactive maps and track agency progress. Plus, easily export traffic stop data with a few clicks, so you can stop paying a third party to generate state-mandated reports, such as the Racial Profiling report required by the state of Texas.

Virtual Court Services

With Trusted Driver, a motorist can skip the line at the courthouse, and instead, pay or manage the citation online. No more taking time off from work of school to take care of an outstanding traffic citation.