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Benefits of Trusted Driver

Improving Motorist and Law Enforcement Interactions

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Prevent potentially dangerous encounters

By minimizing interactions between the police and the public, we create a more inclusive approach to public safety and community-based policing, while treating all with respect, compassion and fairness.

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Why Choose Trusted Driver

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Save Valuable Time

Avoid being sidetracked by minor traffic stops or taking time off to contest a ticket in person. Your time is in your control more than ever before.

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In an Emergency, Every Second Counts!

Receive localized public safety alerts and updates from first responders and emergency operations officials.

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Be Recognized for Good Driving Habits

For the first time ever, drivers can receive positive feedback from law enforcement without going through a traffic stop.

Modernized Transportation Safety

By promoting mobility that leads to productivity for drivers, law enforcement, and cities, the Trusted Driver Program helps communities steer away from an inconvenient and invasive system.

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Receive warnings and feedback about minor equipment issues without a traffic stop.

Accumulate evidence of safe driving practices to lower insurance costs.

Play an active role in building safer communities in partnership with those sworn to protect them.

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Law Enforcement

Promote community policing by reconnecting with people using modern digital technology.

Prioritize safety rather than crime control, helping decrease traffic accidents and fatalities.

Maintain safe and orderly movement of traffic on roads and highways.

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Lower city administration costs with virtual court appearances.

Removing non-criminal violations from minor traffic stops frees up resources and time for more pressing cases and public threats.

Simplify payment collection systems and lower bad debt rates, keeping drivers on the road and contributing to economic growth.