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A Faster, Safer E-Citation Solution

Law enforcement organizations across the country are seeking safer and more efficient ways to enforce traffic laws. Trusted Driver is a revolutionary E-citation (electronic citation) platform that offers a solution to these challenges by providing an all-in-one, web-based program that is easy to use and eliminates the need for external hardware. The video below explains some of Trusted Driver’s unique electronic citation features.


What makes Trusted Driver's E-Citation system safer and better?

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Improved Situational Awareness

No need to fumble with handheld devices or printers

No external hardware means officer remains alert and aware of their surroundings

Faster electronic ticketing system means less time spent on the side of the road

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Save Time & Money

Traffic stop takes 2-5 minutes to complete

No more need to buy paper for printers

No external hardware to buy or maintain and no 'end-of-life' destruction costs

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Superior Data & Analytics

Analytics tool uses real-time data verified from every traffic stop

Interactive visualizations provide easy identification of traffic enforcement trends

No more third party costs to comply with state-mandated reporting requirements

No More Handheld Devices or Portable Printers!

Trusted Driver provides preprinted citation cards featuring a QR code unique to the law enforcement agency. The best part? Once accessed on a user’s smart device, the electronic – or digital – traffic ticket can easily be translated into the driver’s preferred language!

Here’s a short video to explain how it works.


More Trusted Driver Products & Services

Data & Analytics Dashboard

Turn real-time data captured from each traffic stop into actionable insights with Trusted Driver’s Data & Analytics Dashboard. View interactive maps and track agency progress. Plus, easily export traffic stop data with a few clicks, so you can stop paying a third party to generate state-mandated reports, such as the Racial Profiling report required by the state of Texas.

Vehicle Locator

Take advantage of Trusted Driver’s robust analytics tools to assist with downstream investigations. Geospatial information that is captured from each traffic stop is stored in the government cloud, making it easily accessible to investigators.

Court Management System

Seamless integration with Trusted Driver E-Citation platform allows for immediate traffic ticket payment options and easy communication between drivers and court staff. No need to take a day off from work or school to stand in line at the courthouse!