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Revolutionize E-citation With Trusted Driver

Trusted Driver’s innovative E-citation platform features auto-populating e-forms, straightforward QR code citations, streamlined data collection and eliminates the need for handheld devices and printers.

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A Safer Traffic Stop Experience

Officer speaks to driver during traffic stop. (Trusted Driver)

Trusted Driver E-Citation Features

✅ Ease-of-use functionality
✅ All-in-one search
✅ Self-populating e-forms
✅ Easy-to-follow QR code citations
✅ Streamlined data collection

🚫 No more handheld devices
🚫 No more in-car printers
🚫 No more long paper tickets
🚫 No more uploading at end-of-shift

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At Trusted Driver, officer and driver safety are top priority

Trusted Driver’s E-citation platform was designed to perform without external hardware that can cause distractions. Officers stay alert and aware of their surroundings and drivers spend less time on the side of the road during a stop.

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Streamlined Data Collection

  • Data captured at every traffic stop.

  • Checkbox format makes reporting quick and easy.

  • Data is validated in real-time from the field.

  • Trusted Driver aggregates data, complying with state reporting requirements.

  • Agency may download and submit report for submission to state.

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Officer speaks to driver during traffic stop

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Why Choose Trusted Driver

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Spend less time on the side of a busy road. Trusted Driver also provides an optional service allowing motorists to voluntarily self-report medical, physical or mental health conditions that may assist first responders in an emergency.

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Law Enforcement

Trusted Driver is an innovative web-based platform that provides a superior real-time dashboard, plus the advantage of lower costs compared to services that charge for external hardware or software upgrades.

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Prioritize traffic stop safety with Trusted Driver’s E-citation platform. Plus, with the flexibility of Trusted Driver’s optional services, city and county leaders can focus on building stronger relationships with communities.

About Us

An eCitation system designed and developed by a group of retired and former law enforcement officers, Trusted Driver prioritizes safety by reducing the amount of time you may be pulled over alongside a busy roadway. A traffic stop that previously may have taken up to 20 minutes can now be completed in less than five minutes!

Plus, with Trusted Driver’s self-reporting feature, drivers can reduce the potential for miscommunication during a traffic stop. Drivers living with diabetes, autism or a communication disorder such as deafness, can voluntarily self-report that information to law enforcement agencies before a traffic stop ever takes place.

When your local law enforcement agency chooses Trusted Driver eCitation, you’ll also save valuable time with immediate online options to pay or manage citations. No more taking time off from work or school to stand in line at the courthouse!

Trusted Driver is proud to be a member of the Southwest Minority Supplier Development Council and the Historically Underutilized Business Program.

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February 21, 2024

Paper to Digital: How E-Citation are Shaping the Future of Law Enforcement

In an era where technology is advancing rapidly, law enforcement agencies are not left behind. The introduction of E-Citation systems represents a significant leap towards modernizing police work, making the process of issuing citations more efficient, secure, and environmentally friendly. Let’s dive into how the Trusted Driver Platform works without the need for external hardware, […]

Driver interacts with police officer during a traffic stop

September 26, 2023

Trusted Driver Blog: 5 Reasons to Consider Trusted Driver E-Citation

Trusted Driver’s E-citation platform is a game-changer for law enforcement agencies seeking to modernize their traffic enforcement efforts while improving officer safety and efficiency. With its innovative features, easy accessibility, and flexible options, Trusted Driver offers a valuable solution to the challenges faced by law enforcement agencies today.

Texas Capitol in Austin

August 31, 2023

Trusted Driver Blog: Supporting Rural Law Enforcement

With the recent signing of the Rural Sheriff’s Office Salary Assistance Grant Program, which allocates funding for salaries and equipment needs in qualified sheriff’s offices and constable’s offices, the opportunity for innovation has never been more apparent. Trusted Driver’s revolutionary E-Citation platform stands at the forefront of addressing these equipment needs, ushering in a new era […]